The Best Email Autoresponder in 2017

If you have been into internet marketing for some time you have probably heard the phrase “the money is in the list” and this is completely true, even in 2017. In order to create an email list you will require an email autoresponder.


You may be asking “what is an email autoresponder?”


In a nutshell it is a program that allows you to collect a persons email address when they fill in an opt-in-form, usually in the form of a pop-up on a website or at the side bar asking for the persons email address and sometimes their name as well.


Once a person subscribes to your email list you will be able to manage and segment your subscribers into more targeted and tailored lists.


For example:

Let’s say you send an email to your whole list and only a portion of your subscribers open the email, you can now place those subscribers into a segmented list and continue to send them emails that are similar to the first email resulting in a higher open rate.


Also the subscribers that did not open the email will not be sent emails similar to the one that they didn’t open which means a happier subscriber base.


The other main feature of an email autoresponder is being able to send your subscribers emails both automatically as a part of a preset email sequence sent over days, months or even years or you can send an email manually which will arrive the subscribers inbox as soon as you send it.


But not all autoresponder’s are the same.


Some have terrible open rates, due to a large portion of the emails being sent straight to the spam folder.


And others have just an awful and outdated user interface which makes using them feel like your surfing the web in 1999 with AOL broadband.


So in this post i will be reviewing the some of the most popular email autoresponder’s in 2017.


Let’s get started…





ConvertKit has risen to popularity in only the past 


few years and this is due to both its beautiful and intuitive design as well as the effortless ability to segment your email list in to easy and manageable parts.


ConvertKit is aimed towards full-time bloggers. So it of course offers all the features that a full-time blogger would need such as scheduling emails, managing your list and creating analytics for you so you can see how each email performs, which can lead to you finding a nifty trick to increase your open rates and conversions.


The user interface of ConvertKit is what sets it apart from other leading autoresponders. It’s simple, intuitive and above all else completely effortless. Not once have I struggled to find what I was looking for and being forced to search on google or youtube to find a guide to help me.


But the feature that is mostly responsible for ConvertKit’s amazing reputation is its ability to automate. ConverKit allows you to make segmented lists based on if your subscribers purchased a product or even just if they clicked on a specific email of yours.


Now onto the cost of ConvertKit.


ConvertKit is slightly more expensive than other leading autoresopnders. Starting at $29 per 1000 subscribers, but unlike other autoresponders they do not continue to charge you for people who have unsubscribed which is a big deal.


There is currently no free trial available but they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


With the current pace of improvements being made to ConvertKit I think the few extra dollars is well worth it.


You can find ConvertKit here.





If you have been into making money online for sometime I’m sure you have heard of Aweber, it’s probably the most popular autoresponder available. I have personally used Aweber for years and i have always found it to reliably fit my needs.


What got me to initially use Aweber was just the sheer amount of marketers that recommended and used it, including top bloggers in the internet marketing industry so i never questioned its quality and decided to jumped right in.


Aweber is quite a simple autoresponder to use, it has a fairly straight forward design, although it is a little dated it’s still easy to use. Also they have plenty of step-by-step guides on how to use the platform if you ever have a problem.


When it comes to creating your emails Aweber has a large amount of templates available to use as a starting point. And the ability to customize your email is endless with almost any aspect of the email being available for editing.


Aweber allows you to send emails based on a time you set which means you can create specific intervals in which your emails are sent which allows you to optimize your open rates and conversions based on your subscribers peak times.


Also with the addition of the split testing feature that is provided (although not as good as GetResponse) you can really fine tune your emails effectiveness. You will need to set up click and goal tracking in Aweber which requires you to place a small piece of code on your pages, but don’t worry it is quite easy.


Aweber’s analytics offer a lot of information in the form of both stats and graphs showing which of your subscribers opened your emails and the links they clicked on within the email.


The biggest downside to Aweber is the lack of ability to segment your list in comparison to other autoresponder’s. Most of the leading autoresponder’s allow for a lot of customization when splitting your subscribers into smaller and more targeted email lists, but Aweber just has a rudimentary tagging feature and nothing else.


Overall i think that Aweber is a solid choice but it may lag further behind in the future as newer and more advanced autroresponder continue to make improvements at a much faster rate than Aweber has.


You can find a free 30 day trial with Aweber here.






GetResponse has to be one of the easiest autoresponders to use, even their slogan reads “World’s Easiest Email Marketing”.


The user interface is incredible simple to use and easy on the eyes with a very clear menu which makes finding what you need a walk in the park.


The emails themselves are also very easy to create with a lot of templates available which are very customizable, with both html or an intuitive drag and drop system.


Also as a bonus GetResponse has teamed up with IStockPhoto to give you access to all their amazing stock photography, making your emails look clean and professional.


GetResponse is also one of the best in the business when it comes to segmenting your list.


They have multiple categories for to view your list. For example one of the options is based on who opened you email.


Let’s say you sent an email and only a certain amount of people opened that email, well GetResponse will record this and what this allows you to do is to send a follow-up email to just the people who showed interest in the previous email which mean 2 things.


The first is that you will be sure to get both a higher open rate and conversion rate for that follow-up email but secondly you will not bother the people who did not show interest in the first email which means more happy subscribers and a better relationship between you and them so they will more likely open your emails in the future and are less likely to unsubscribe.


Overall the customization capabilities of GetResponse’s email segmentation makes it a great choice for both beginners and advanced marketers.


As far as the price goes it is one of the cheapest around and even cheaper if you pay for it on a yearly basis, they also have a 30 day free trial with no credit card required.


Get your 30 day free trial with GetResponse here.



Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi


Mad Mimi is a lesser known email autoresponder, the benefits of Mad Mimi is that it is very simple with a basic interface that is very user-friendly and cheap so it may be what you’re looking for if you’re a beginner.


Mad Mimi is also free for up to 100 subscribers.


But there are some serious downsides to consider, especially if you are looking to do some affiliate marketing. Mad Mimi has banned affiliate marketing so you will not be able to send offers to your subscribers unless you own your own product, also the work from home niche is also prohibited.


Mad Mimi is basically for people who want something quick and easy to set up and get going within just a few hours. I only recommend this if you own a product and are not in the work from home niche.


You can find Mad Mimi here.



Final Thoughts

After reviewing a number of email autoresponder’s i would personally recommend ConverKit as the best all round autoresponder because it is simple to use for both beginners and advanced marketer’s so even if your new you can continue upgrade your autoresponder series as time goes on without having to change to another service.


Also there is so many new improvements being added that the other services may start to fall behind (and so will your marketing capabilities if you don’t stay up to date with the leading marketing systems).


But that is just my personal preference. Most email services offer a free trial of some kind so I suggest you try a few before really settling on one.


Thanks, and until next time.


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