How To Make A Website: In Under 17 Minutes

If you are trying to make money online then chances are you are going to need a website.


So in this post i will be showing you how to make a website from scratch in less than 17 minutes.


Lets get into it…


Registering A Domain

When thinking of a domain name I personally always go with brand name URL’s instead of an exact match domain as people will remember it better.


Also google doesn’t count exact match anymore and in fact sometimes it can negatively affect SEO.


As far as the TLD goes i also much prefer .com over .org and .net.


I also never get anything other than .com, .org and .net.


That means no .web, .ninja or any of that random stuff, people just dont remember it.


Head over to to setup your domain as they offer a free 1 year WhoisGuard and there domains are a good price.


Step 1

Start by searching to see if your desired domain name is available.



Step 2

See if the .com, .net or .org are available


Then purchase the domain.


Step 3

Enable the free WhoisGuard.



After that you will need to get some hosting.


Choosing Hosting

First you must decide if your site requires either Dedicated or Shared hosting.


As a rule i would start with shared hosting if you have a small website or are just unsure.


Then if you find your site starts to slow down considerably as your traffic increases you can then look to upgrade to dedicated hosting.


For shared hosting i would suggest going with Bluehost as they are very reliable and have been around for years, they also have great customer support and a very user friendly interface with a ton of guides to help you.


You can find Bluehost Here.


For dedicated hosting i use WPX Hosting (formerly Traffic Planet) as they are incredibly fast. Also they have some cheaper plans starting at $24.99/monthly so you can get started on dedicated hosting without having to invest a lot into it.



Below is a speed test of which is running on WPX Hosting.


As you can see it loads in just over a second which is faster than 84% of sites that are tested.



You Can Find WPX Hosting Here.


Setting Up Hosting

Once you have purchased your domain from Namecheap head over to either Bluehost or WPX Hosting to get your hosting.


If you are going for Bluehost I recommend the Plus Plan as it allows you to use unlimited domains which means you will not have to buy multiple hosting plans if you decide to build additional websites in the future.


Once you have paid for your hosting follow the step by step guide i have put together below.


Step By Step Guide

First you need to go to your email account that you used to sign up for your hosting.


After that search for the e-mail your inbox for the was sent to you by your hosting provider.


It should be titled “Account Information” or “Welcome to …” or something similar.


Once you have opened the e-mail, search for a section called ‘Nameservers’, there should be two listed like in the box that has been highlighted below.



When you have found these open in another tab or browser and login.


Then hover your mouse over ‘Account’ in the main menu and select ‘Domain List’ from the drop down menu.



Then hit the ‘Manage’ button next to your domain.



Click the small arrow in the ‘Nameservers’ section and then select ‘Custom DNS’ from the drop down menu.



Copy and Paste the Nameservers that were provided to you in your e-mail, they should look something like this:


Then click the small green tick.



After that you will need to wait for the nameservers to propagate (update), this may take a few hours.


Installing WordPress

Follow this video that Bluehost have put together to install WordPress on your website.


Final Thoughts

That’s it, after that you should have your website up and running and ready for your first post.


Pretty easy right?


I hope you found this guide helpful and feel free to leave a comment below.



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