How To Make Money With Shopify ($100/Day)

How To Give Away Free Products & Make Money ($100/Day)

So this may sound strange but i have just found a way to make money whilst giving away free products!


I know this might sound too good to be true but you can be rest assured that it is.


Let’s get into it…


What You Will Need:

– Some start up money

– Facebook advertising

– An Aliexpress account

– A Shopify Account


What we are going to be doing is giving away free products to customers that we get via Facebook Ads and then making our profit on the shipping costs that are charged to the customer.


To find a product to give away you will need a Aliexpress account.


Sign up and then search through the products listed on Aliexpress.


Search for one that is priced between $1-5 with free shipping


I suggest something related to hobbies instead of necessities as people want them rather than need which will inspire them to follow through and get the product.


I personally choose golf balls as my first item because people who are into golf are avid fans of the sport and golf has a ton of accessory items that golfers love so scaling out with other golf related product in the future will be easy.


Once you have found a product you will need a website to send your customers to, you can either use Shopify to do this or instead create your own website.


If you choose the option of creating your own site be sure to check out this user friendly guide that i created on how to create a website here.


Keep the site looking clean and not overly complicated for the customers to use. It may look a little empty to begin with as we are only using one product to start but that is fine for now, we will add more products later.


Set up your shipping costs around $10 – 15 as this should allow a you to generate a large enoguhg profit margin after you have taken the costs into account. Give it a test though and see what works for your niche / product.


How To Get Customers

We are going to be posting ads on Facebook in order to get people to claim our products.


First you will need to start a facebook page, try to give a name that is somewhat related to the product that you choose to promote. Something like “Great Golfballs” etc.


Setup your facebook campaign as “Increase conversions on your website”.


Then create a Ad in Facebook that looks something like this:



I suggest creating at least 5 different ads so that you can test to see what is working and what isn’t.


Next you will need to setup tracking for these items. Follow this post to help.


In order to send your customers the product you just need to copy the customer information that is in Shopify and paste it into Aliexpress.


After you have done that you can let the Facebook campains run for a few days to see how your ads and products perform.


How The Money Is Made

So you may be wondering where the profits will be made.


The profits will be made on the shipping costs that the customer pays on Shopify.


If they pay $10.00 for shipping and you paid $3.00 for the product on Aliexpress and then $2.00 for every customer you acquire through Facebook you will have made $5.00 profit.


Imagine if you did this 20-30 times each day that’s $100/day +


The beauty of this method is that once you have found something that works you can begin to scale up almost effortlessly as Facebook has almost unlimited traffic.


Scaling Up

Once you have found a winning formula you can then begin split testing.


What this means is you take the ad that is working and change one aspect of the Ad such as the heading or picture.


After that you let it run for a while then compare the results to the previous Ad and from there you can gradually see which ad works better.


Once you have done this multiple times you will see a dramatic increase in your profits.


Also expanding out with new products is an effective way to start scaling, first start with another product in the same niche then after you find a few successes within that niche you can dip into other niches.


The bottom line is in order to make big money you need to TEST!



As you can see this method has crazy potential if you stick to it in order to find what works then scaling it to the skies!


Testing will be where the money is made so keep on trying new things to see what sticks and what doesn’t.


I hope you found this guide helpful, feel free to leave a comment below.


Until next time!


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