How To Make Money On Tumblr: The Step-By-Step Guide

Tumblr is an extremely under utilized social media site that can be used to pull traffic from and make money with.


So today im going to show you how you can use this under used gem as a means to generate consistent and effortless traffic straight to your money site.


So far i’ve been seeing some decent results with my earnings reaching up to $40 a day after only a few weeks so im sure if you stay patient with what im about to show you then you should be able to increase your income to upwards of  $100 a day.


And best of all its on total Autopilot.


Lets get into it…


What Will Be Taught

– How to find a niche

– How to gain followers on your tumblr blog

– How to monetize

– How to automate it

– How to scale


Finding a Niche

Before you start anything you need to find a niche for your Tumblr blog.


Start by choosing a Niche that is both popular on Tumblr and is easy to monetize.


The traffic on Tumblr leans towards teenage and adolescent females so finding something that fits the interests of those demographic should give you the best results.


For Example:

  • Fashion (Clothes)
  • Drugs (T-shirts, Bongs etc.)
  • Food (Recipe books, Kitchen Equipment)
  • Photography (Cameras)
  • Book reviews (Books)
  • Fitness (Gym Equipment, Weight Loss CPA offers)

Pick one that suits you and make a Tumblr blog with a related title.


Next find some related blogs and reblog a few images to get some pictures on to your blog.


After that choose a clean looking theme that suits a blog with a lot of images.


You can also add a cover picture, i suggest choosing either an image that is related to your niche (weed symbol etc.) or a picture of someone (it does not have to be a picture of yourself).


Also change your Tumblr queue to post 50 times a day.



How To Gain Followers

There are a couple of ways you can gain followers on tumblr.


The first and best way is by following other people’s tumblr blogs that are related to your niche, when you do this there is a good chance that they will follow you in return.


Tumblr limits the amount of people that you can follow to 200 per day, however i would suggest varying the amount so it doesnt appear like your spamming every day.


Between 150-200 per day should be fine.



Secondly, liking other people’s posts and reblogging what they have posted will notify them that you have done so and may result in them following you.


This second way is less likely to get you a follow but is worth adding to your arsenal for maximum results.


How to Monetize

First i will explain what not to do when making money from Tumblr.


What we are going to avoid is posting ads or affiliate links on Tumblr, as people have had there accounts banned for doing so.


Even though it may seem easy it is a very short term strategy and sooner or later you will get banned and move on to a safer method anyway so why not start now.


Instead of posting ads or affiliate links on our Tumblr posts we are going to push our Tumblr followers to an external site using regular links and make our money there.


Creating an amazon affiliate site that is related to your chosen Tumblr niche and selling products within that niche is the simplest and best strategy for making money.


For example if you had a food based tumblr blog you could link to a amazon store website you created that sells cooking equipment and recipe books etc, netting you a nice commison when anyone purchases one of those items.


Also Amazon tracks any person we send there for the next 90 days and we will get a commission on anything they buy within that time frame not matter what it is!



Here is an example of what your money site should look like.


You can use this guide on how to make a website if you dont know how.


Each item has your Amazon affiliate link pointing to the page where the person can buy the item and there purchase will net you a commission.



Here is what to do.


Step One

Get a Amazon Associates Account which is easy to get, just sign up for one on the amazon website.


Step Two

Create a amazon store site filled with items that are attached with your affiliate links directing the customer to the items on amazon.


Here is an easy to use theme for setting up the site – ReHub Amazon


Step Three

Send traffic to the amazon site you made from Tumblr by linking to it directly from your Tumblr posts.


How To Automate The Process

In this section i am going to take you step by step through how to set up and run a bot so that you can put the whole process on autopilot.


Using a bot may seem overwhelmingly technical and complicated at first but it is actually quite simple after you have done it once or twice, also the bot that we are going to be using is very user friendly and doesnt require any real technical know how.


I personally use Tumbling Jazz for my bot as its easy to use, has great support including a forum that is very active and the software is also a one time payment which means no nasty monthly payments!


Head over to Tumbling Jazz and download the program by Clicking Here.


Once you download Tumbling Jazz, open up the program and follow the step by step guide below that i have put together.



  1. Tumbling Jazz
  2. Tumblr Account
  3. Folder on your computer to save the images that you scrape with Tumbling Jazz
  4. Money site to link to in your tumblr posts (See section below for how to do this)


1. Add Account Button

  • Click the button that is highlighted



2. Add Account Information

  • Fill in the highlighted sections then click ‘Save’



3. Follow

  • Click on the Follow button from the top menu


  • Change the settings that are highlighted then press ‘follow’



4. Image Scrape

  • Click on the Image Scrape button from the top menu


  • Select the ‘Tumblr Popular Search Scraper’ button


  • Add your niche in  ‘Term / URL’ box


  • Select a folder to save your images through the ‘Select’ button


  • Click the check box ‘Stop Scrape when find image previously processed’


  • Click the ‘Scrape Images’ Button



5. Image Upload

  • Click on the Image Upload button from the top menu


  • Upload your image folder through the ‘+Add’ button


  • Change ‘# Max Upload’ amount to 300


  • Click the check box ‘Queue Images’


  • Click ‘Post Images’



6. Assign Meta Button

  • Click on the button that is highlighted



7. Assign Meta Information

  • Delete all the default text


  • Add 3-5 Niche Related Keywords in the ‘Tags’ Section


  • Copy your website URL it into both the ‘URL Click Through’ and ‘URL Source’ Sections (you can use a URL shortener service like Bitly to make it look cleaner if you like)


  • Change the ‘% use’ to 100


  • Add a Call To Action in the ‘Description’ Section (example: SALE ON NOW %10 off all items at – instert website name -)



8. Unfollow Settings

  • Click on the Unfollow button from the top menu


  • Change ‘Only Unfollow After X Days’ to 7


  • Change ‘# To Unfollow’ to 20


  • Click the check box ‘Don not unfollow if following you’


  • Click the ‘UnFollow’ button



9. Run Processes

  • Click Run Processes from the top menu


  • Click ‘Run’



How To Scale

Once you have got your first account up and running and you have a good understanding of how to manage it, you can begin to scale you results with additional Tumblr accounts.


You will need two things in order to scale.


First is additional tumblr accounts.


Option one is to create them manually by using proxies. What a proxy does is it changes your IP Address so it looks like another person is creating the account so it doesn’t seem like the same person is setting up a ton of accounts with the intention of spamming which will result in a lot, if not all of the accounts being banned.


Tumbling Jazz has a feature that allows you to do this so you can make multiple accounts at once without having to manually create them yourself.


Option two is much easier which is to buy these accounts, this is what i do.


A good few places to find merchants for buying these Tumblr accounts are Fiverr and SEOClerks.


If you can’t find any decent merchants on either of those two sites there are plenty of people selling them from there own sites which you can find by going to Google and searching “buy tumblr accounts”.


Secondly you will need proxies for when you use these accounts.


If you followed option one when creating your accounts you can use the proxy that was used for that, otherwise you will need to buy some proxies for your accounts.


I recommend using Squid Proxies as there proxies are fast which is important when using a bot because if your connection is to slow this can prevent the bot from being able to log into your tumblr account which will put a halt to your income.


Also if for whatever reason a proxy does not work Squid Proxies will change it for you almost instantly, the customer support at squid proxies is second to none, i have been using them to buy proxies from for years and have never encountered a problem.


I reccomend using no more than 3 Tumblr accounts per proxy but 1 account per proxy would be ideal if its within your budget.


Also private proxies are far more secure than shared proxies as you do not know what the people you are sharing them with are using them for so i would recommend buying them instead of shared proxies.


Head over to Squid Proxies by Clicking Here.


Once you have both the new tumblr accounts and the proxies you just need to follow the Tumbling Jazz guide above but when you add the account information in Step 2 you will need to add the proxy in the ‘Account Proxy’ section that is highlighted.


Final Thoughts

That’s it for the guide, after that you should be seeing some nice easy income that you can just let run on its own without any additional effort.


I hope you found the post helpful and feel free to leave a comment below.


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