Reseller Hosting vs Shared Hosting: What’s The Difference and Which Is Better?

shared vs reseller hosting

What Is Web Hosting

In order to understand the differences between both reseller hosting vs shared hosting you will first need to know what web hosting is.


Web hosting is a service through which individuals or companies can host their websites over the internet.


This service allows the website to be on the internet and makes it searchable.


There are many companies providing this service such as BlueHost and ResellerClub which are two very popular, cheap and simple to use platforms.


These platforms have servers which are online databases used to store your data.


They lease out space from these servers to there clients and which makes their websites accessible by others.


Usually hosting companies do not provide a domain to the customer and you need to buy a domain name separately before you host your website on any of the web hosting services.


There are different types of web hosting services, with shared and reseller web hosting being the most common ones.


People who have there own websites often wonder which hosting technique they should go for as both differ in characteristics.


In this post i will show you the differences between each one and which is best for each situation.



Shared Web Hosting

With shared hosting, there is a single username and many websites are hosted on the same control server.


In other words, there is a common web server for many websites so the space is shared which gives it the name “shared hosting”.


As the space is shared, it is very cheap as one payment is required and many websites can use the same hosting.


With shared hosting not only is the space shared but all resources are shared like CPU processors and memory.


This option is usually opted by beginners who have few websites for blogging or small niche sites and buy a single hosting service to host all of there websites.


This type of hosting works very well when the overall combined traffic of the websites is low and a single server is enough to accommodate all of them but if the overall traffic raises then you may experience slow loading times and your website may even crash resulting in your website being temporarily unavailable.


Using this method of web hosting, you do not have to worry about service and maintenance as that is part of your package and it will be managed by the web host.


A great source for shared hosting is BlueHost they are cheap and simple to use and have been around for years making them incredibly reliable.


You can find BlueHost here.



Reseller Web Hosting

With reseller web hosting, each hard drive on the server belongs to one user account which it is dedicated to that user alone.


No sharing is allowed.


People who have multiple clients use this option as they sell the hosting to their clients for profit.


This type of hosting provides the buyer a control panel through which they can manage all other account holders that they have provided the hosting to.


It also provides better reliability as the connection is dedicated and reseller hosting is faster the shared hosting making it more appealing to website owners.


The account is very secure as only one person holds access to the account unless the account holder grants access to another individual.


Reseller web hosting is more expensive than shared web hosting although the person buying the hosting is given permission to further sell it out generating the extra cost back and thus the name “reseller” is given.


Also if someone has multiple domains he uses a reseller account as all domains are hosted through one channel without interruption.


Also if you have multiple domains using reseller hosting may be preferably as all the domain will be hosted through one channel without the need to manage multiple accounts.


Reseller web hosting also offers more customization in terms of personal settings and custom name servers.


A well recommended service for reseller hosting is ResellerClub as it is both cheap and reliable.


You can find ResellerClub here.



Reseller Hosting vs Shared Hosting

A general comparison cannot be made between the two types of web hosting services.


To decide which service is better, it completely depends on the user and his requirements. Both the services have their own pros and cons.


As shared web hosting is more inexpensive than reseller, it is good for newbies who mostly have a single website.


On the other hand, people who have clients and need to further sell the space will require reseller web hosting.


If compared in terms of performance and quality, reseller web hosting is much better than shared as it more secured with better faster loading times.


It is always good to have multiple domains for security as if one domain crashes, you can have another as a backup. In such cases, a reseller account is better than a shared account.


Also if you desire more customization then reseller hosting will be the way to go.


Although if you don’t want the trouble of maintenance and repair then going for shared hosting will be the best option.


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